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Fun with Phonics

明升客户端下载 单子音->短母音->长母音->双子音->双母音由浅入深、循序渐进地构建孩子的发音基础。



Through a mixture of lively, colourful and entertaining sequences, Fun with Phonics introduces its very young audience to the forty two most common sounds that provide a foundation to literacy.

Presented by Pui Fan Lee and Will Vanderpuye, each programme celebrates new sounds and clearly demonstrates how to voice, read and write them. Individual phonics are brought to life through inventive animations and vibrant graphic characters, as viewers are invited to read with Whirlyword and spell with Pollyphonic. They can also extend vocabulary and increase familiarity with each sound, through stories, poems, games and documentary inserts featured throughout the series.

Each programme is devoted to an individual phoneme (or sound). Children have to learn all of these forty two initial phonemes. Programmes 43 and 44 feature 'Tricky Words'. These are words we use a lot, which aren't phonically regular - we just have to learn them.

A report commissioned by the DfES in 2006 proposed the teaching of 'synthetic phonics' for early years literacy. Synthetic phonics are all about sounds. Children learn to pronounce sounds associated with letters 'in isolation' and, once learned, these individual sounds can be blended together to form. words.

Parents can watch Fun with Phonics with their children to help them build their vocabulary, learn new sounds and practise using them to read and write.



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